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Ukraine Moves To Ban Some Russian Music In Public Spaces
Christian Eede , June 27th, 2022 18:05

The ban will apply to music and media created or performed by Russian citizens after 1991

Ukraine's parliament has voted for a ban of some Russian music in media and public spaces, such as television, radio, schools, public transport, hotels, restaurants and cinemas.

While the ban – which was approved by 303 of 450 members of Ukraine's parliament – will not apply to all Russian music, it will prohibit the public broadcast of music created or performed by those who are or were Russian citizens after 1991, the year of the Soviet Union's collapse. The cut-off of 1991 means that the work of composers such as Tchaikovsky, who've been dead for a long time, can still be performed and shared publicly.

Artists who have condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine can apply for an exemption for their music from the ban by submitting an application to Ukraine's security service. Those who apply must express their support for the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine and call on Russia to immediately stop its war against Ukraine.

Ukraine's government has said that the ban will help to "minimise the risks of possible hostile propaganda through music in Ukraine and increase the volume of national music products in the cultural space," with the new legislation also increasing the quota for the sharing of Ukrainian music in public spaces from 35 to 40 percent.

In addition to the prohibition of Russian music, Ukraine's parliament has also approved a ban on the import of books from Russia and Belarus.