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NEU! Mark 50 Years Since First Record With New Box Set
Christian Eede , June 9th, 2022 16:55

The box set takes in 10 reworks of the band's music by the likes of Mogwai, The National and more

A box set marking 50 years since NEU!'s very first release is in the works.

Taking in 10 new takes on the band's music, NEU! Boxset Reworks features remixes and covers from the likes of Mogwai, The National, Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, and Gabe Gurnsey and New Order's Stephen Morris. You can listen to the latter pairing's remix of 'Hallogallo' above.

Speaking about his own connection to NEU! in a statement, Morris said: "I first heard NEU! some time late in 1972 not long after the first album came out. I think I got it as a birthday present. I was 15 and I'd never heard anything like it. It was absolutely brilliant. From the first few hypnotic seconds of 'Hallogallo' I was hooked. NEU! were the best thing I'd ever heard. I had no idea who Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger were, there were no interviews in the music papers, but the two tiny photos on the back of the bright red sleeve said all I needed to know. They were my kind of people. The sound NEU! made was very REAL – alive and emotional. Ambient and driving – it was like they were there in my bedroom with me. This was the sort of music I wanted to make. 50 years later you can hear their influence everywhere."

Grönland will release NEU! Boxset Reworks on September 23, 2022.