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Baker's Dozen

Stolen Pleasures: Simon Fisher Turner's Baker's Dozen
Luke Turner , May 25th, 2022 08:16

Simon Fisher Turner speaks to Luke Turner (no relation) about 13 records that accompanied his life and career of sonic explorations, from making soundtracks with Derek Jarman to jamming with Bowie and Iggy Pop


The Beatles – Abbey Road

The Beatles connected with me on so many levels. Rubber Soul was the first album I bought of theirs, it was in stereo but we only had a Dansette, so I got told off by my mum. They came to Plymouth to film the Magical Mystery Tour and it was amazing, The Beatles coming to Cornwall! I bought Abbey Road when it came out. I was still at school and asked the music teacher at the ballet school if I could bring it in – I had wanted to be a dancer, the acting had come along with the ballet as the school had an agent and I started doing radio work, and then bad TV. Bad actor mode! That's fun, you get to dress up and you get paid! And then you can buy a motorbike when your mum says you can't, but I couldn't hold it up properly. I'm lucky to be alive really, I had a couple of prangs – I got stuck between two lorries going in opposite directions, it was horrible. My kids don't sit down and listen to music, but back then I made the whole class listen to it and afterwards we talked about it. It's still fantastically avant-garde, it's mind-boggling. I'm glad I met George Martin one night years ago, I was at a party and he was there, looking incredibly ancient, and I just had to go and say ‘thank you’ because he was such an amazing arranger. The combination of his work and those guys was just magical. There's so many things I associate in my life with Abbey Road. It's a very private record for me, I used to listen on headphones and be in my own world and they could take me away. I'm not quite sure I was very happy when I was on my own in London as a child when I think about it actually.