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Baker's Dozen

Stolen Pleasures: Simon Fisher Turner's Baker's Dozen
Luke Turner , May 25th, 2022 08:16

Simon Fisher Turner speaks to Luke Turner (no relation) about 13 records that accompanied his life and career of sonic explorations, from making soundtracks with Derek Jarman to jamming with Bowie and Iggy Pop


Quincy Jones – In The Heat of the Night OST

Unbelievable. An incredible film, and incredible soundtrack. I think I heard the music first but I don't know how – I still have my old copy at home that I've had since I was 14 or 15. Music became a comfort for me when I was on my own in London, it's trite to say it but it's also true. The film made an impression in terms of race. I wonder how he made it, all the musicians in the room at the same time playing to picture. Quincy Jones is just… ooooo. I could have had Off The Wall in this list – when that came out my girlfriend and I just spent three weeks in bed just listening to it, well, not quite doing nothing, but I was obsessed. That was over quite quickly.