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Baker's Dozen

Stolen Pleasures: Simon Fisher Turner's Baker's Dozen
Luke Turner , May 25th, 2022 08:16

Simon Fisher Turner speaks to Luke Turner (no relation) about 13 records that accompanied his life and career of sonic explorations, from making soundtracks with Derek Jarman to jamming with Bowie and Iggy Pop


FKA Twigs – Caprisongs

I really got stuck on this record because of the 'Tears In The Club' track, which is based on a sample off Arca's last album, a kind of keyboardy thing. I love the song so much that I've lifted it quite a lot in live sets recently – there's an instrumental version of it, I didn't even have to do anything! It's back to stealing again I'm afraid, I didn't realise that would be a theme of this. She calls it a mixtape, I listen to it a lot, I'm never bored of it. Part of me wishes I was working with people who were making loops and rhythms – hip hop, modern pop, I have no idea how to make it, I don't know how to make bass sounds, but I love all the ingredients. I like the way it sounds happy, she's obviously been through shit with some awful men, and what's really nice is the further you go into it she's got her friends on this going 'come on!' and it's quite family and friendly and chatty. There are half-formed ideas, but they sound good and means there's something really refreshing about the record, it doesn't sound forced. I love her look, her voice, she's the whole thing.