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PREMIERE: Acid Klaus Shares Debut Single, 'Party Sized Away Day'
Patrick Clarke , May 23rd, 2022 08:58

Acid Klaus is the new project from Sheffield synth provocateur Adrian Flanagan

Adrian Flanagan, of The Eccentronic Research Council, The Moonlandingz, International Teachers Of Pop and more, has launched a new project, Acid Klaus.

The new alias will see Flanagan collaborate with a host of different vocalists, kicking off with debut single 'Party Sized Away Day', which premieres exclusively via tQ above. The track features vocals from Maria Uzor of Sink Ya Teeth and production by Ross Orton.

In a statement about the track, Flanagan said: "During the period when our leaders were telling us not to party but they themselves were partying, I was sat in my back bedroom making little tunes up on my own and sending them out to new and established artists that I liked – seeing if they wanted to collaborate on a track with me. Maria Uzor was the first person I approached who came back with this really cool oblique vocal and lyric about a late-night coach journey, which got me thinking about coach trips with mates in the '90s to free festivals and raves in weird places – those twilight journeys where you haven't a clue where you are going to but you're with your crew so everything's gonna be alright.

"Once I got the vocal back off Maria I waited impatiently until I could sit within two meters of my good friend and producer Ross Orton in his studio from where he produced my little home collaboration effort up into a more palpable track for the ears of a nation of sassy clued-up radio listeners and outlandish future club goers. I truly envision this track to be soundtracking all the best garden parties this summer, just not the ones at Downing Street!"

Leeds band Yard Act will release the debut Acid Klaus album through their own Zen F.C. label later this year. Speaking about this link-up, Flanagan said: "I'm always happy to take cash off West Yorkshire for the benefit of South Yorkshire!"

Yard Act's James Smith added: "Me and Ryan [Needham, Yard Act's bassist] have loved so many of Adrian's previous projects that when we caught wind of another newie in the works we were very keen to hear it as no more than fans. The first track we heard was the one you are hearing now, and it got us buzzing immediately, but it was as Adrian revealed more about the project we realised he was on to something a little bit more special than just some banging club tracks (not that that's not ace in itself).

"'Party Sized Away Day' is the first taster of an ace concept and evolving piece cooked up in the head of Acid Klaus. Me and Ryan have heard, seen and read his grand plan and that's why we are pumping our money into it. Because it's art and that. Proper art and that, that deserves to be heard, seen and read. Keep your ear to the ground please, this is just the beginning of the Acid Klaus odyssey."

'Party Sized Away Day' is out now on Zen F.C..