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Alexander Tucker And Nik Colk Void Reveal New Project, BROOD X CYCLES
Christian Eede , April 28th, 2022 10:56

Their first album together, 'Sleep Nameless Fear', will be released in June

Alexander Tucker and Nik Colk Void have teamed up on a new project called BROOD X CYCLES.

Their first release is an eight-track album called Sleep Nameless Fear, which will be released by The state51 Conspiracy. The record's origins lie in a spring 2019 recording session where the two came together with their respective modular synth systems at Void's Demna Studio. Connecting the modular set-ups into one larger system, they capture two days of improvisations.

Speaking about this period, Void said in a statement: "Straight away, it was clear that it was going to work out. We were both interested in the combination of voice, with the string tones of cello and guitars. There was some kind of unique sound language going on between us. It didn't matter if we went on to produce a beat-oriented track, or a drone track, it sounded like it was in our world."

The raw recordings from those initial sessions were edited down, and later expanded upon to produce the eight final cuts that make up Sleep Nameless Fear. You can listen to one of them, 'No Rival', above.

The release of Sleep Nameless Fear follows on from Void's recent debut solo album, Bucked Up Space, which came out on Editions Mego earlier this month.

The state51 Conspiracy will release Sleep Nameless Fear on June 21, 2022.