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Baker's Dozen

Let It Happen: Paddy Shine's Baker's Dozen
Harry Sword , April 27th, 2022 10:30

Paddy Shine is one of the most relentless instigators in the underground, both as part of Gnod and in myriad other projects. Ahead of the release of the debut album by his weird folk group Moundabout alongside Phil Masterson on Rocket this summer, he guides Harry Sword through 13 vital slabs


This Heat - Deceit

This Heat records are untouchable for me, and then there’s the Camberwell Now stuff which is incredible too. I love it all, but Deceit is my favourite. I still listen to it now and think ‘how? why?’

The amount of of imagination that’s gone into it - the structures; the creativity; the bizarre melodies; the musicianship - the really amazing musicianship - and also Charles Heywood is one of my favourite people of all time. I actually got to work with Charles. He did a project called Anonymous Bash at Islington Mill and I got to hang out with him a lot. He was somebody I learnt a lot from, just doing music with hm and seeing how he communicated with musicians and communicated with me and his approach: he’s an amazingly magic guy. I think the first or second time I saw Charles live I was off my head and went up to him and said ‘Charles, I want you to adopt me. I want you to be my father’ and he just said ‘fuck off’. I also remember a Gnod gig at Islington Mill and we were having a smoke and listening to D Double E - a Rinse FM mixtape - and he comes in and just says ‘oh, brilliant. D Double E’ straight off the bat. He really knows his stuff.

This Heat were quite mystical; I’m so pleased that they came back and did This Is Not This Heat. I was at the second OTO show that they did. I can remember looking around and there was a whole bunch of us in tears and I remember just thinking ‘yes! This is exactly what I want from a gig. Being blown away to that degree’. Very important band; very important album.