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Heavenly Chorals: Gazelle Twin’s Favourite Albums
Hannah Pezzack , March 30th, 2022 10:29

From aliens, immortality and the early electronica of sci-fi films, to the sublime, immersive harmonies of devotional music, Gazelle Twin talks to Hannah Pezzack about thirteen albums that influenced her


Goldsmith / Horner / Goldenthal – Alien Trilogy Soundtrack

I don’t know why this has taken me so long, but in the last few years, I’ve realised the influence of Alien on my music and on everything I’ve ever done. Unflesh was about coming to terms with my experiences as a teenager, as someone who suffered from body dysmorphia and who had dealt with horrendous bullying from multiple sources. On the album cover, I’m wearing my school PE kit, my teeth bared and a hoodie covering the top half of my face. Recently it struck me – it’s a mirror image of the creature’s mouth from Alien.

When I was growing up, my dad and brother were obsessed with space. As a family, were enamoured with all kinds of science fiction, the Alien films especially. I adored watching the creature on-screen and was fascinated by the salivating tactility of its dripping fangs. As a child, I would role-play as Newt, fantasising about being stranded on a distant planet and not having to go to school. And now, as a parent, Ripley captivates me as this powerhouse mum. I’m a total nerd for the whole franchise and I’m certain I’m only beginning to uncover the depth of its impact on my work. Aside from the plot and characters, the soundtracks are an endless source of inspiration. For the final instalment, ​​Alien³ – which is notoriously lauded as the worst one – Elliot Goldenthal composed an experimental score combining ​​a Christian-style choral element with the very bleak sound of empty space. It’s utterly innovative, immersing you completely.