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Baker's Dozen

Silver Linings: Tamara Lindeman's Baker's Dozen
Zara Hedderman , March 16th, 2022 10:28

From her challenging relationship with Joni Mitchell to the picks from the thriving music community in her native Toronto, The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman takes Zara Hedderman through thirteen albums that shaped her songwriting


The Stanley Brothers – An Evening Long Ago

I bought this CD from a bargain bin a long time ago. The Stanley Brothers were a bluegrass duo and they were recorded live on the radio quite a lot. An Evening Long Ago is of a radio performance they did in 1956.

It’s so beautiful and comforting. Even though I was listening to indie-rock and bands like Constantines, I was also really into bluegrass and old-time music during that period of my life. I loved the simplicity of acoustic instruments and singing in a simple way that, of course, isn’t simple at all to do. A bunch of the first songs I learned how to play on guitar were from this record. They were a huge influence on my record All of It Was Mine