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Baker's Dozen

Silver Linings: Tamara Lindeman's Baker's Dozen
Zara Hedderman , March 16th, 2022 10:28

From her challenging relationship with Joni Mitchell to the picks from the thriving music community in her native Toronto, The Weather Station’s Tamara Lindeman takes Zara Hedderman through thirteen albums that shaped her songwriting


Ryan Driver – Who’s Breathing?

This is another record from the Toronto music scene. I felt that Ryan Driver was breaking so many rules in interesting ways on Who’s Breathing? He was sort of toying with country music but not fully going that direction. There are so many fascinating ideas on it, and again, I was drawn to his philosophical writing style. He’s also able to sneak puns into devastatingly sad music, which I love. There’s a song on this record that’s possibly the saddest song ever written called ‘Blue Skies Don’t Care’. He captures a strand of pain that’s so specific and it resonated with me when I heard it. I guess I needed the pain of this record for myself.

I love this a great deal. It’s really stuck with me in life. It’s not a record that many people know but it’s very unusual and classic at the same time. I was so happy to have Ryan Driver feature on my new record, he sings a verse on one of the songs.