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Baker's Dozen

Party Pieces: Andy Burnham's Favourite Albums
Fergal Kinney , March 2nd, 2022 09:21

The Mayor of Greater Manchester takes Fergal Kinney through 13 records that shaped him, via his days as a Hacienda regular and his children introducing him to Big Thief


Big Thief – Capacity

This takes me into my kids’ era. Things that my kids got me into. Big Thief are in that for me. My son saw them at Soup Kitchen in Manchester, and Adrienne, the lead singer, spoke to him so he came home completely fired up by this. They were just starting out. I’d listen to them with him, and I’ve now seen them a few times - I think they’re one of the best bands around. The quality of those first two albums. It’s funny, I haven’t really chosen many bands with women singers but I used to love Everything But The Girl in the old days, I could have easily put one of their albums on, or the Massive Attack album with Tracey Thorn on. Adrienne’s like that to me, she’s got this rare sort of voice.