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Baker's Dozen

Who I Turn To: Keeley Forsyth's Baker's Dozen
Malvika Padin , February 23rd, 2022 09:23

From classic Broadway soundtracks and music as a visual medium, to the eternal inspiration of Scott Walker, Keeley Forsyth takes tQ through the thirteen albums that have defined her life and career


Scott Walker - Scott 3

As someone who had a career doing TV series, I connected with Scott Walker’s career as part of The Walker Brothers and then with his own music. Scott 3, in particular, is quite melodic and Broadway-esque, but more importantly it seemed to marry both sides of his lives which I relate to. Though I never got to him, my gran did know them and while she doesn’t know anything of what I’m doing, he’s the only name she recognizes. I can tell her what I’m doing “sounds a bit like Scott Walker,” and she can understand it, so I’m thankful to have that similarity.