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Baker's Dozen

Who I Turn To: Keeley Forsyth's Baker's Dozen
Malvika Padin , February 23rd, 2022 09:23

From classic Broadway soundtracks and music as a visual medium, to the eternal inspiration of Scott Walker, Keeley Forsyth takes tQ through the thirteen albums that have defined her life and career


Leonard Bernstein And Stephen Sondheim - West Side Story: The Original Sound Track Recording

For West Side Story, the only bit that I really used to home in on was the bit where she was dying. There was something about these moments which were filled with sadness yet it’d make me feel really alive. I remember how much love they have for each other in those scenes that they can only express through song. When I make music, I try and get myself to such moments where it feels like you’re about to lose everything but become something at the same time.