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Baker's Dozen

I Blame The Music: Lias Saoudi’s Baker’s Dozen
The Quietus , February 16th, 2022 10:30

Lead singer of Fat White Family, Lias Saoudi, self-pens a Baker’s Dozen of thirteen musical choices that map his early life to the present day, from Ireland to Scotland, Cambodia to Algeria, via dark country and the howling void. With thanks to Adelle Stripe


The Corries – Highland Lament

This is my favourite vocal harmony of all time. I lived in Scotland from the age of six until I was twelve, when my mum left my dad for a Northern Irish accountant and I upped sticks and moved to Ulster. After that, I’d revisit during the school holidays or the odd weekend with my little brother to see my dad. I consider myself Scottish to a degree as a result. It’s where my boyhood drew to a close; a place I never wanted to leave, after which life became irretrievably complex. When I hear that vocal harmony crack after the first part of the verse, I’m right back on Ayr beach, staring out at the isle of Arran after a kick-about with my old man and my little brother on a long summer evening. I shiver at the thought that I’ve since become a kind of receptacle, a congregation of dregs and compromise, or an evaporation of sorts, I’m half a death ahead of myself all of a sudden, the delicate bloom of innocence long since severely trodden, the song a frame which almost imperils the picture. The sadness of it all is almost paralyzing. There’s nothing quite like the Celtic shit to really stir the blood. Nothing I tell thee.