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Baker's Dozen

Absorbing The Light Of The African American Avant-Garde: Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe's Baker’s Dozen
Stewart Smith , February 2nd, 2022 09:48

In an epic Baker’s Dozen, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe lets Stewart Smith into the secrets of his Candyman soundtrack, and celebrates Black excellence from Don Cherry to Moor Mother, Olly W. Wilson to Pamela Z


Pamela Z - A Secret Code

Pamela is such an incredible artist, so warm and thoughtful. I really love a lot of the work that she's done in the last five, six years. There's such a performance-based element to a lot of that work. And that's something that I find a steady relationship with, as far as I'm concerned, being someone that engages with performance as a heavy part of my practice. But yeah, the way in which she writes for others, whether it be a string quartet, or utilising playback with strings, or utilising video in live performances. Or using a telephone and then having the diegetic sound of the telephone integrated into the work. There’s a simplicity there, but also such a richness to her work. She and I have never worked together, but she was on the board of the San Francisco experimental music festival, and they brought me out to do a performance a few years ago. And just having really lovely conversations with her, and the way in which she engages on that level. The thoughtfulness and consideration she has in her work is something that's really excellent.