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Baker's Dozen

Angel On My Shoulder: Serafina Steer’s Baker’s Dozen
Stephanie Phillips , January 26th, 2022 14:38

From a song so good she almost forgot her shopping, to the iconoclastic brilliance of Alice Coltrane, Bas Jan’s Serafina Steer guides Stephanie Phillips through thirteen songs and albums that have inspired her


Felt – Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty

I first heard this in my 20s or 30s. I think it has been an influence on me, I like the production. I don't know if it's been an audible influence that anyone else could know about but I like that it feels really organic. He sings really idiosyncratically. It just sounds so ‘of a piece’ that band.

You can't really necessarily understand what he's saying. Nothing gets punctured in that record. If he comes in singing and then goes out, it seems to just keep this nice mood. If someone said, “put a record on” and you were having dinner, I'd put that on. Not because it's ignorable, but I just think it makes a really nice mood.