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Baker's Dozen

Angel On My Shoulder: Serafina Steer’s Baker’s Dozen
Stephanie Phillips , January 26th, 2022 14:38

From a song so good she almost forgot her shopping, to the iconoclastic brilliance of Alice Coltrane, Bas Jan’s Serafina Steer guides Stephanie Phillips through thirteen songs and albums that have inspired her


DJ Sprinkles – Queerifications & Ruins: Collected Remixes

I was trying to get hold of a CD copy because Terre Thaemlitz, which is DJ Sprinkles’ real name, or one of her other names, is not on normal streaming platforms and is really anti all that. Or, rather, pro-keeping things individualised and specific. I was wary of putting it on the list because I don't have that CD. I didn't want to look like I'm just streaming these things, but I think you can hear the tracks all separately on YouTube.

The first track on it starts with the line, "Looks like you finally made it all the way to the bottom". I think I heard it because of my partner Oliver. I got really into listening to her speak on interviews and things because she's so erudite and thoughtful about the scene that she's come from, the future, and ways to be independent. There's an interview on NTS that I've listened to loads to try and take it all in. I don't know when I first actually heard the album. It would have been within the last four years. All the remixes on it are just so great and if you put any [song] on a party… it's just such a good mood. I like that kind of house.