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Secretly Label Group Unveils Sustainability Pledge
Christian Eede , December 10th, 2021 03:03

The collective of labels, which includes Ghostly and Numero Group, has pledged to become "carbon positive" by 2026

Secretly – the label group behind Secretly Candian, Jagjaguwar, Ghostly, Numero Group, Dead Oceans and more – has outlined an extensive sustainability programme that will see the company aim to become "carbon positive" by 2026.

Hoping to trigger a wider shift across the label industry, the company's plan starts with a large focus on carbon offsetting as it works "toward accounting for [its] historical carbon debt by [its] 30th anniversary in 2026." However, the collective of labels hopes that its sustainability programme can eventually eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions, rather than simply offset them.

Among the early efforts set out in the plan are a commitment to minimise product packaging, avoid overstock, recycle unsold formats and packaging, and install a number of solar panels at Secretly's office.

The group will also look to invest in energy efficiency throughout Secretly buildings, switch eventually to 100 percent renewable energy, and explore opportunities to replace natural gas equipment with electric options throughout its operations. For emissions that the company cannot reduce directly itself, it will purchase carbon offsets through Native.

"Our goals are ambitious, and we're also learning every day," said Secretly Group's Ben Swanson in a statement. "We aspire to be a change leader, and to use our shop as our laboratory in an effort to be better than we were the day before.

"Our first of many steps is our Sustainability Plan. It is not complete, but we have to start somewhere, and hopefully our consistent improvement in this area will lead to lasting achievements in the long run. It is how we built our companies, one step at a time, and it is how we intend to move towards our future. We welcome all questions, concerns and, above all, dialogue as we continue our journey."

Read the full pledge here.