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ADULT. To Release New Album, 'Becoming Undone'
Christian Eede , November 16th, 2021 14:36

"For this, we wanted something that's falling apart," they've said of the new record

ADULT. have a new album on the way, titled Becoming Undone.

The record is the Detroit duo's third for the Dais label, following 2018's This Behavior and 2020's Perception Is / As / Of Deception. "For this, we wanted something that's falling apart," the duo said in a statement about the album. You can watch a visual for lead cut 'Fools (We Are...)' above.

Speaking further about the new album, the duo said: "Inspiration came from performances by Paul McCarthy's Painter to Bruce Nauman's Clown Torture. The sculptural work of Duchamp's Fountain to Robert Gober's Two urinals (In 2 Parts), and the album artwork of Fad Gadget's Incontinent. The toilet is a universal motif, a shared human situation, or in some cases shituation. We are all fools in one way or another, from war to waste to societal trends in ridiculous human behaviour."

Dais will release Becoming Undone on February 25, 2021.