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Baker's Dozen

Curiosity, Community, Cacophony: Helm's Baker's Dozen
Mat Colegate , November 17th, 2021 12:56

Helm, aka Luke Younger, takes us through the 13 records that shaped his prolific career, from a teenage love of Manic Street Preachers and Therapy? to chance encounters with Bob Tilton and John Luther Adams


The Faith/Void – The Faith/Void

Obviously the Void side is amazing. I do think the Faith side is good, it’s just that it’s unfortunate that it was paired with Void. Because the Void side is like… I mean it doesn’t sound like any other hardcore record ever made.

I was listening to this just before we started talking. It was the one record on the list that I haven’t listened to in a while and it just sounds completely mental. Also the fact it was something very unusual for (label) Dischord at the time. I do really like Dischord but a lot of the stuff occupies a very particular zone within hardcore. Void is totally unique within that catalogue, I think. The Faith side is good. It’s good hardcore. Whenever I put that side on I’m surprised at how aggro it sounds. But obviously the Void side is so utterly singular and bizarre it just completely takes over the show. I would say this definitely made me think about what hardcore could do. And it made me very aware of how boring and safe a lot of the hardcore bands I was seeing at the time were.