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Baker's Dozen

Aspirational Music: Hiro Kone's Favourite Tracks
Bernie Brooks , November 3rd, 2021 10:32

From the duduk to spiritual jazz, Hiro Kone's Nicky Mao guides Bernie Brooks through a selection of thirteen tracks that informed and inspired her latest LP, Silvercoat The Throng


Speaker Music – 'Without Excess'

It’s been on heavy rotation the last few years, DeForrest [Brown Jr.]'s music. I think a lot of his work is akin to Muqata'a, too. So, I collaborated with both of them on Silvercoat. I think this track shows this sonic progress where loops and glitch and randomness collapse into one another, and you get these completely new textures. This track, after twenty-odd minutes, it leaves me feeling kind of cleansed. Not empty, but cleansed. It has that quality to it. I just think this is where it's at.

tQ: Was that a good collaborative experience, with DeForrest Brown Jr.?

It felt so effortless, for lack of a better term. There's something really wonderful when you work with someone and their response to something you do informs the decisions you need to make. It becomes very clear. Working with DeForrest, going back and forth, the things that he would do would clarify so much of what I needed to do. I feel like that's such an important human lesson, too, about our work with each other while we're on this earth. It kind of gives me hope. I've had so much luck - I've collaborated with some wonderful people, and I can say that about all of them, that it's felt that way. There's a lot to be learned from that.