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Baker's Dozen

Aspirational Music: Hiro Kone's Favourite Tracks
Bernie Brooks , November 3rd, 2021 10:32

From the duduk to spiritual jazz, Hiro Kone's Nicky Mao guides Bernie Brooks through a selection of thirteen tracks that informed and inspired her latest LP, Silvercoat The Throng


Alice Coltrane - 'Turiya & Ramakrishna'

I could never make a list without having Alice Coltrane on it. Her presence in my life through her music has been there since I started making music, and before that. This is another one where it was incredibly hard to choose a track, so I tried to think about it in the context of Silvercoat. This track in particular, there's a pace and a reflectiveness that I was trying to observe. Especially on 'Reciprocal Capture', and 'Parting Phrase', that long, droney organ track. Very different tracks, of course, but I think when I listen to this one, I can hear the attraction for me. It's mainly that sense of reflection, that pace.