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Baker's Dozen

Aspirational Music: Hiro Kone's Favourite Tracks
Bernie Brooks , November 3rd, 2021 10:32

From the duduk to spiritual jazz, Hiro Kone's Nicky Mao guides Bernie Brooks through a selection of thirteen tracks that informed and inspired her latest LP, Silvercoat The Throng


Guillaume de Machaut - 'Messe de Notre-Dame: II. Kyrie' performed by Ensemble Organum & Marcel Pérès

So, we talked about Sylvain, that's Renaissance. And I guess I also listened to a lot of medieval music this year. I mean, in general, sacred devotional music has always been a part of my life. I just love listening to it. For me, it allows for a certain space in my brain. It always lets me pause and take the space I need. I think that's really important for whatever work we do. And then what that inspires. I think, for sure, that's something that I'm interested in when I'm composing music.

tQ: One obvious thing about devotional music that's incredible to me is how old some of it is - just that it survived. Experiencing devotional music can be like time travel in a way.

I totally agree. How amazing is that? You can kind of get lost.