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Vicki Bennett To Tour New Project, 'Gone, Gone Beyond'
Christian Eede , October 21st, 2021 13:41

The artist's new project is comprised of a 10-screen, six-speaker piece, with wrap-around projection and spatialised soundscape where the audience sit inside

British artist Vicki Bennett, otherwise known as People Like Us, will premiere a new audiovisual spatial cinema experience next week, called Gone, Gone Beyond.

Billed as an immersive, 360º project, Gone, Gone Beyond uses 10 screens and six speakers to create an experience with wrap-around projection and spatialised sound where the audience sit inside. A press release explains that "it uses edited collage sewn together in a giant patchwork, adding: "The title and underlying concept of the work come from the Buddhist text Heart Sutra, and its paradoxical claim that form is emptiness and emptiness is form. People Like Us wants to put the audience in a state beyond the frame, behind both the physical canvas, the video's images and the expectations of consciousness." You can get a further idea of the project via the video trailer above.

Commissioned by Naut Humon, the founder of immersive theatre project Recombinant Music Labs CineChamber, Gone, Gone Beyond has been a work in progress since 2017, and will premiere on October 28 at Ipswich's SPILL Festival, before additionally being showcased at Brighton's Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, London's Barbicanand Canterbury's Gulbenkianthrough November.