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Baker's Dozen

The Places I Make Sense: Carl Cox’s Baker’s Dozen
Joe Muggs , October 13th, 2021 10:14

From Chaka Khan to Diana Ross via Prince, Herbie Hancock and more, Carl Cox picks 13 classic tracks that made him the renowned DJ he is today


Diana Ross – ‘Love Hangover’

I heard this one on the radio for the first time, and I remember thinking "OK, disco but really slowed down, great, that's genius", and Diana Ross you just can't ignore anyway - she's just perfect. So I bought the single, 99p from Our Price, got it home, put it on, not knowing that the last part turns into disco - proper disco - that incredible change kicks in... then it just fades out! And I was like, "Whattt? No! Where's the rest of it?" That did my head in for months and months and months until they released the album with the full extended version on, and finally we had the real deal. Again, the journey is the thing - the way the melodies go from the slow bit to the disco groove, the strings, the arrangements, the whole lot, you can listen to it to the end and never get bored. Back then you'd never get the intro, they'd usually just cut straight into the fast part, but I love to play the whole thing... make people stand there and sway to the slow bit, make them wait for it, then it hits!