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Baker's Dozen

The Places I Make Sense: Carl Cox’s Baker’s Dozen
Joe Muggs , October 13th, 2021 10:14

From Chaka Khan to Diana Ross via Prince, Herbie Hancock and more, Carl Cox picks 13 classic tracks that made him the renowned DJ he is today


George Duke – ‘I Want You For Myself’

Again, musicians coming together jamming, soul train vibe, great song, it's got a massive journey to the track which sounded amazing on the radio and even more in the club, or the disco as it was then. I just really like the bottom end of this one, boom boom boom daba dum dum... If I was a bass player given that part I'd be, "yes, thank YOU!” It's such a nice one to do. If you listen to the whole thing, then get into the breakdown where it's just jamming with the bassline and the percussion, it's real genius. I love that type of record, the mood of it takes this style to another place. As a young dancer, it would be all about how it takes you to those different places and you go along with it, so with this one you're with it, then the chorus hits and you're "yeah give it to em", then the breakdown and you really cut loose, then that finishes and you wipe the sweat and go "phew glad that breakdown wasn't that long", then it hits the outro and we'd all stand there and clap and look at each other and go "wow, that's what I'm talking about". And everything I've ever done, to the present day, I'm looking for something that evokes that, even if it's just a hint, but that feeling, and the funk of a record like this.