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Baker's Dozen

The Places I Make Sense: Carl Cox’s Baker’s Dozen
Joe Muggs , October 13th, 2021 10:14

From Chaka Khan to Diana Ross via Prince, Herbie Hancock and more, Carl Cox picks 13 classic tracks that made him the renowned DJ he is today


Lonnie Liston Smith – ‘Space Princess’

Again, an example of what an incredible time this was. It's mixing jazz elements into electronics and really experimenting. The way the echoes, the delays, the stereo imaging comes out of the speakers, you can literally hear them experimenting in the studio, doing something that's never been done before. Put it on headphones and it'll drive you bananas because the sounds are all over the place, but on the dancefloor it's magic. Again, it takes you round the houses, it starts one way, but gets to this breakdown that's something you're really not expecting with how they utilise these electronics and experimental effects. But again, it's a jovial, feel good record at the same time. I remember listening to it at Flicks in Dartford where Froggy and his soundsystem would be, in fact I'd request it from him, then I'd be waiting on the dancefloor until he played it, and when he did it'd be, "right, it's ON". This coming at you through this quadrophonic soundsystem, these echoes and delays flying around, I would dance my arse off every single time.