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Baker's Dozen

Mood Music: Andy Bell’s Favourite Albums
Stephanie Phillips , October 6th, 2021 07:37

Andy Bell of Ride talks Stephanie Phillips through his Baker’s Dozen, from listening to Spacemen 3 in a damp student box room to handing Tierra Whack a copy of Green Eggs And Ham


Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

People hold it up when they talk about what are the best live albums ever made and this is often in the list. I tend to agree with that. The version I know is the cassette from the mid 80s and the version that you can get now on Spotify has 20 tracks on it, which I find a bit weird because I didn't get to know it like that.

I was staying with a friend in LA, out in Topanga Canyon and we were miles from anyone up in the mountains. My friend had to work for the day, so he left me with his dog, his record collection, and this incredible view of the mountains. I was just sitting in his place, chilling out listening to records and I was like, I'm gonna play some Talking Heads. I didn't realise until that day how little Talking Heads music I actually knew. Pick up any Talking Heads album I probably don't know 90% of it. I only know like one or two of the hits on each record.

I realised making this list wanting to put ‘Once In A Lifetime’ on in some way but if I put the album it’s from, I only know that one song on the album. What Talking Heads album do I know? Well, it's Stop Making Sense. That album, I caned it. I listened to it all the time. But when you have five cassettes, you play them all regularly, so it makes me think of being 14 or 15 years old.