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Baker's Dozen

Mood Music: Andy Bell’s Favourite Albums
Stephanie Phillips , October 6th, 2021 07:37

Andy Bell of Ride talks Stephanie Phillips through his Baker’s Dozen, from listening to Spacemen 3 in a damp student box room to handing Tierra Whack a copy of Green Eggs And Ham


Tierra Whack - Whack World

This was my most played album of the year on Spotify and it’s the shortest album on my list, because it's 15 minutes long. It's an amazing record. It's not any lesser by being 15 minutes long. It feels like a full album. Each song is exactly one minute and when that minute’s up, it could be halfway through a line, you don't get any more. It just stops at one minute and you're just like, ‘tell me what the next word is’, but you don't get to know the next word.

She's a great lyricist. I just really respond to her and I really like her vibe. It's sort of sincere and funny. Kind of kooky and it's visual as well. This album is so special. I don't know if it's ever possible to top the idea of it. I always follow what she does and I always enjoy it. I should mention the melodies in the record… I don't know, there's something so surefooted about it. If I was going to make an album where every song was a minute long, I would pack each minute out, probably way too much, but you get this feeling that it's not rushed.

I went to see Tierra Whack in concert a couple of years ago and I got her to sign my copy of Green Eggs And Ham by Dr Seuss, which was like a high point in my life. I just felt like she'd get it. I love Dr Seuss and my kids love it as a bedtime story, Green Eggs And Ham is definitely a family favourite. I was going to go to this concert and just on a whim stuffed the book into my coat pocket and then brought it out and she was happy to sign it. I kept the signed book with Whack written on it, but what do I do with it now? Guess I can frame it.