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Baker's Dozen

Relentless Education: Krust's 13 Favourite Albums
Neil Kulkarni , September 22nd, 2021 08:20

Drum & bass pioneer Krust takes Neil Kulkarni through the records that shaped him, from the lessons learnt from Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan and Yellow Magic Orchestra to the "revelation" of Flying Lotus, via The Beatles, Michael Jackson and more


TV On The Radio - Dear Science

I was in New York for quite a while at the time this came out, doing a lot of Reprazent stuff. We were travelling through America a lot and someone introduced me to this record and I was just instantly hooked. To me it was the same thing as hip hop, as jungle, that same mentality and mindset of doing things your own way. Touring around America listening to this music really revealed the way that the production and the song-structures… they were just like jungle, it had that whole DIY mentality to it. And for me, at a time when I needed it, it kept me in my pocket and on my toes, on the edge. It kept me on that whole idea that it really didn’t matter what genre I listened to so long as I was hearing music that had cultural codes in it, that made sense because of those codes.