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Baker's Dozen

Relentless Education: Krust's 13 Favourite Albums
Neil Kulkarni , September 22nd, 2021 08:20

Drum & bass pioneer Krust takes Neil Kulkarni through the records that shaped him, from the lessons learnt from Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan and Yellow Magic Orchestra to the "revelation" of Flying Lotus, via The Beatles, Michael Jackson and more


Adrian Younge - The Electronique Void (Black Noise)

His most experimental stuff. I love his productions. He’s clinical. He has a real 70s sound, he doesn’t use computers, and that’s what is so exciting about the way Younge produces. He gets this crazy fat sound that fits so perfectly with his vocalists and instrumentalists. It’s such a great listen this album, amazing synthesizers on it, a lesson in production and being able to stay in your lane and be comfortable. And he has that remarkable ability to recognise that when you do authentic original music, the audience will find you eventually. That’s certainly happened with Adrian Younge