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Baker's Dozen

They Call Me Music: RP Boo's 13 Favourite Albums
Joe Roberts , September 15th, 2021 13:44

RP Boo takes tQ through the 13 records that shaped him, from playing with DJ Rashad to the life-changing experience of seeing Prince’s Purple Rain, his mother’s love of James Brown and his uncle’s introduction to 808 State


Quincy Jones - The Dude

I doubled-back after Thriller to find The Dude and see who Quincy Jones was, doing these soundtracks and production. Everything on The Dude was a hit to me, all the songs on it have stuck in my heart. It’s one of my favourite masterpieces that he’s done.

I’d already heard many songs from this on the radio. A lot of the songs I grew up with came from the radio. I could be out in public, I could be in the car, I could be at home. I’d just be listening and absorbing the music. Once it became a part of me and my mind, I could just go anywhere and think about a certain song. It never fades away.