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They Call Me Music: RP Boo's 13 Favourite Albums
Joe Roberts , September 15th, 2021 13:44

RP Boo takes tQ through the 13 records that shaped him, from playing with DJ Rashad to the life-changing experience of seeing Prince’s Purple Rain, his mother’s love of James Brown and his uncle’s introduction to 808 State


Michael Jackson - Thriller

I liked Michael Jackson before. Off The Wall was nice, but I could hear the elevation with Thriller. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the video until years later. But I saw what the album did for people worldwide – it was a work of art.

Listening to it was so perfect. But one thing I learned about music as I got older, somebody said it, and it’s the actual truth: enjoy the artist while they’re here. If you love the music, be appreciative of it. It’s better to understand them when they’re alive.

With Thriller and later albums, he set a standard on how to stay relevant and that is hard to do these days. I’ve been through some stages of wanting to remain relevant, figured it out and learned to tell people. ‘Let the music breathe, but work with the industry.’ Depending on what the contract is, you gotta bring something out really fast. If you create good music it will last, but don’t wait too long. When I drop something, it’s coming from my heart.