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They Call Me Music: RP Boo's 13 Favourite Albums
Joe Roberts , September 15th, 2021 13:44

RP Boo takes tQ through the 13 records that shaped him, from playing with DJ Rashad to the life-changing experience of seeing Prince’s Purple Rain, his mother’s love of James Brown and his uncle’s introduction to 808 State


Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

When I first got out of high school and started buying records, I used to go to this shop called Loop Records. I started digging more into house music, but I was still watching videos. When I first saw Notorious B.I.G., I liked this cat. I forgot which video I saw, but it gravitated you towards Puffy. My brother told me Puffy Combs is always in his videos. That guy is a genius for what he did with Notorious B.I.G. I loved his storytelling. It was mind-blowing.

A lot of the record shops had started closing, so it was hard to find the vinyl. But I had the tape. When they did the 20 year anniversary, the digital remasters, I made sure I was there the first day and bought the album and the CD.

I was never into the East Coast/West Coast beef because I liked Tupac as well. But I was more of a Biggie fan because of his delivery and what he was saying. And his videos. I love to see people having a good time at parties.

When he diedm I was driving to Florida on my way to Disney World. I'm a roller coaster fanatic. It’s a day and half drive from Chicago. I’d made it to Atlanta, Georgia, a 13-hour drive, when I heard it on the radio. It was so sad. Then hearing them play his songs… An up-and-coming star's life had just gone too fast.

From that point, I realised you need to enjoy people’s music and not get caught up in allegations. You don’t know what their lives were like. Just appreciate what they do. We don’t know how long we’re going to be here. Thank God for allowing them to have their talent and their gift expressed.