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33 1/3 To Publish Music Genre-Focused Series
Christian Eede , September 4th, 2021 19:36

There are books currently in the works on field recordings, South African pop, vaporwave and more

33 1/3, the publisher that invites writers to pen short books on individual albums, is launching a new series focused around music genres.

Genre: A 33 1/3 Series will see writers put together guides to a number of specifics sounds and scenes from decades past, up to the present day. The guides will include history lessons on each genre, as well as recommendations on key music from the genre, obscure facts and related personal stories.

The series debuts in spring 2022 with a guide to trip hop by RJ Wheaton, and a book on vaporwave by Kirk Walker Graves. Other books currently in the works to follow those two includes guides to South African pop, field recordings, death metal, '70s teen pop, dance-punk and feminist anarcho-punk. 33 1/3 is also taking submissions for future books in the series, which you can find more information about here.