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Berlin Court Issues New Rules On Indoor Dancing
Christian Eede , August 23rd, 2021 21:12

The ban on indoor dancing should not apply to those who are double vaccinated against COVID-19, or have recently recovered from the virus, according to a new ruling

Berlin's ban on indoor dancing has been repealed, for now, but the loosening of the ban can only apply to people who are double vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recently recovered from the virus.

According to a report by Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, a Berlin court issued the new ruling after a venue owner sued the government over its COVID-19 rules. The court decision can, however, still be appealed at the Higher Administrative Court Of Berlin-Brandenburg if local authorities want to do so.

While the court's ruling determined that the city's previous COVID-19 restrictions were fair and sensible, it was decided that they were "likely to be disproportionate" if also applied to people who have been vaccinated or recently recovered.

For now, that means the ban on indoor dancing has been lifted, though only for the stipulated sets of people. A negative lateral flow or PCR test for COVID-19 would not be enough to sidestep the indoor dancing ban, it has been decided, as people who have not been vaccinated, or have not already had the disease, would not have adequate protection from being infected or spreading the virus.

Club events in Berlin have mostly been taking place outdoor this summer, with better weather allowing for such events to go ahead. Outdoor dance events of up to 250 people were first permitted again from June 18, but partygoers were asked to present a recent negative COVID-19 test and wear FFP2-masks when not seated.

Earlier this month, 2,000 PCR-tested clubbers took part in a trial event in the city that allowed them to attend indoor events at six clubs without restrictions. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people were permitted to take part in the trial, with the local authorities hoping to use results from the initiative to inform the return of full indoor clubbing to the city. The results of the trial have not yet been revealed.