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Marie Davidson & L'Œil Nu Reveal New Single, 'Persona'
Christian Eede , August 25th, 2021 15:57

The original trio have now also added raster-noton artist Jesse Osborne-Lanthier to their lineup

Marie Davidson and her band project L'Œil Nu have released a new track, 'Persona'.

Available now via Ninja Tune, the song comes in three different versions: "one electronic, one fully guitar oriented and one that can be played in loop, for drifting away," the group explain. Alongside the release of the new single, the original trio have also confirmed that raster-noton artist Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – who co-produced and performed additional vocals and sound design on their 2020 album, Renegade Breakdown – has officially joined the group.

The group have unveiled a video for the original version of 'Persona', which you can watch above. The visual is made up of their own footage, which follows them over the course of an imagined day spent travelling, relaxing and playing shows. Explaining the video, the band say: "We wanted to play with the idea of counterpoint to the Jungian persona archetype ('the mask we wear to make a definite impression upon others and conceal the true nature of the individual') referenced in the lyrics, we didn't want a sophisticated and expensive HD music video depicting us as glamorous artists evolving with nonchalance in a highly controlled environment. But rather we wanted to offer a simple and honest document, shot ourselves with our phones, showing us as individuals, friends, musicians, in our daily lives, à l'envers du décor."

Persona is out now on Ninja Tune.