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Baker's Dozen

Master Blaster: Kevin Richard Martin's Baker's Dozen
Jennifer Lucy Allan , August 19th, 2021 09:37

The artist also known as The Bug talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about the records that changed his life, from anxious encounters with African Head Charge in Weymouth to being blasted by Swans at the ICA


Mica Levi - Under The Skin OST

A penalty as you get older is you tend to think I've heard this before, but when I heard Under The Skin, my jaw was on the floor. I haven't heard any film score like this, and I've been into film scores for many years. The first album I ever released as The Bug was a rescore of The Conversation by Coppola. I'd been an addict, picking up film scores wherever I could, but Under The Skin is so advanced in terms of composition, and also astonishing in terms of choice of orchestration and sound within. I think they're a genius. For someone who's so young in comparison to the composers they're in the same world as, they blow most of them away.

The great thing about Under The Skin is that it gives hope to people like me in electronic music, who have had aspirations to kick down the doors of Hollywood. The biggest compliment I can give Under The Skin is, as with most of the productions I've mentioned on this list, they just make me green with envy. I have endless hope that I could ever even get close to these records in terms of finished article.