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Baker's Dozen

Never Mind The Bootlegs: Aaron Dilloway's Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , July 14th, 2021 10:25

Aaron Dilloway picks thirteen 7"s, LPs, bootleg VHS and cassettes for his Baker’s Dozen, which veers from field recordings of bigfoot to experimental classical music from the early 20th century


David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory introduced me to a lot of different things I ended up loving. It was my introduction to glam rock and T-Rex – and Gary Glitter, which we won't go into – and Rocky Horror Picture Show. In seventh grade I lent my best buddy Justin – who I started Galen with – the Dead Kennedy's Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death, and his mom found it and freaked out, called up my mom and read a bunch of the lyrics to her down the phone. My mom just said, 'oh, throw it away then'. But then she felt bad about it, so she took me to the store and I bought Hunky Dory.

The song 'Andy Warhol' was one of the first tracks where I heard cut-up voices. I would listen to that beginning over and over again. There was something mysterious and creepy about it that I really loved. I think eventually that would lead me to weird, sound poetry records.