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Baker's Dozen

Never Mind The Bootlegs: Aaron Dilloway's Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , July 14th, 2021 10:25

Aaron Dilloway picks thirteen 7"s, LPs, bootleg VHS and cassettes for his Baker’s Dozen, which veers from field recordings of bigfoot to experimental classical music from the early 20th century


Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii VHS/Bootleg LP

Pink Floyd is something I've loved since I was a kid – I still love them, but that Live At Pompeii video came before I really found out about Couch and Caroliner. It was the closest thing I had found to the Butthole Surfers records, especially the 'Saucer Full of Secrets' performance. I think it influenced me a lot, especially later when I was in Wolf Eyes, building these big crescendos.

I don't think I'd ever considered Pink Floyd as an influence on Wolf Eyes…

Seeing it as a kid, it really opened up my idea of what you can do – David Gilmore sitting on the ground, on literal dirt, just making weird sounds with his guitar. Roger Waters sets down his bass and he's just playing a gong for 10 minutes.

How did how did you come across that as a kid?

That was just at the video store, and we'd got MTV the year it came out. 'Another Brick in the Wall' was really big. I remember driving with my brother and 'Money' came on the radio, and it was the first time I'd ever heard stereo – when the cash register at the beginning is going back and forth I asked my brother what was going on, and my brother said 'Isn't that cool!? It's stereo!'