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Baker's Dozen

Never Mind The Bootlegs: Aaron Dilloway's Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , July 14th, 2021 10:25

Aaron Dilloway picks thirteen 7"s, LPs, bootleg VHS and cassettes for his Baker’s Dozen, which veers from field recordings of bigfoot to experimental classical music from the early 20th century


Caroliner – Rear End Hernia Puppetshow

I picked up that Couch record at Schoolkids and then I went back and asked the guy at the counter if there was anything else like it. That guy turned out to be Jeff Walker who was in a band called Gravatar – a noise rock band on Charnel House. He said if you like that, you got to check out the first Caroliner record, and the first Naked City CD. So I bought those both at the same time. And I remember getting home and opening the Caroliner record, which comes in a box with a bunch of garbage in it – I think mine had like a mouldy old magazine that just happened to have the cover ripped off to show an ad for horse dewormer or something. I just could not wrap my head around what it was. There was not much I could relate it to, it was just so bizarre – it had this kind of non-human element to it, a record that seemed actually made by like, mutants or monsters.