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Baker's Dozen

Never Mind The Bootlegs: Aaron Dilloway's Favourite Music
Jennifer Lucy Allan , July 14th, 2021 10:25

Aaron Dilloway picks thirteen 7"s, LPs, bootleg VHS and cassettes for his Baker’s Dozen, which veers from field recordings of bigfoot to experimental classical music from the early 20th century


Otto-Matik – Pizza-A-GoGo

Is this just the sound of a house party?

It's a recording of a house party with a tiny bit of delay on it. We used to put this record on at parties to see how long it would take people to notice. It makes you feel a little more drunk with that delay on it, and you can hear some rock music in the in the background. I think it was one of my first – I don't know if the artist considers that an 'art' record – but it was one of the first records that I was just like, wow, I can't believe this got made. Both sides are just people talking for two full sides with the slightest delay to it, and all the covers are different – they were all like handmade. It just seemed like this ridiculous and special record. It led me to trying to find other ridiculous and special records.

It's also a noise record, with this constant flow of voices, this flowing water effect – it's disorienting, there's really nothing to latch onto. I had noise stuff before this, which was really straight, but the thing about this was it wasn't harsh. It was like The Incapacitants in that it had this flowing water vibe, but it's so lo-fi and there's these voices... it reminded me of being in a packed diner, hungover in the morning, which I always thought was one of the most disorienting sounds – all of these voices at once in each ear, at varying distances. I loved it. I did a tribute track to it on my Gag File record, with an 8-track tape that I found, a sound effects card for an arcade machine. For some reason one of the tracks on it was a party, so I used that on the Gag File and dedicated it to Otto.