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Baker's Dozen

Music Waits For You: LoneLady's Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , June 30th, 2021 09:15

From singing along with Neneh Cherry on her way to school to a lockdown obsession with Durutti Column, Julie Campbell, aka LoneLady, takes Elizabeth Aubrey through the thirteen definitive records of her life


Underground Resistance – Electronic Warfare 2.0 – The Other Side Of Bling

I have no idea how I came across this, but I think it was just via my general snooping and sniffing around and I guess I just stumbled on it. I do enjoy going for a wander on Bandcamp. I don’t use Spotify – I never have – but I do come across a lot of things on YouTube and the like.

I just love all the really tough-sounding techno on this record. It's something I've loved for quite a while, really and its influence crept into my music where it has techno-ish echoes. I'm never going to be a techno artist, but I do, for my own enjoyment, listen to a lot of techno, a lot of electronic music. That's pretty much the vast majority of the music I buy on Bandcamp or whatever will be stuff like this incredible record, which I never tire of hearing.