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Music Waits For You: LoneLady's Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , June 30th, 2021 09:15

From singing along with Neneh Cherry on her way to school to a lockdown obsession with Durutti Column, Julie Campbell, aka LoneLady, takes Elizabeth Aubrey through the thirteen definitive records of her life


Destiny’s Child – Survivor

This is just an epic record, isn’t it? I wasn’t really into Destiny’s Child when they first came out, I’d actually gone down a grungy, guitar path at that time in my life. The whole Nirvana and Hole thing came along at a time when I was receptive to that. It’s weird because I knew I was never going to make music like Nirvana and Hole, ever. But I think it did galvanise me to pick up an electric guitar, so it definitely had its place in my story. But as a teenager, I think I was very much more tribal and was probably at the time very guitar-oriented really which is why this passed me by initially.

I did, however, come to it later on at a time when I was just discovering and loving 90s R&B. I’ve always listened to R&B, but I think this album is just one of the most inventive of that time. I just love the way the vocals are delivered – super-fast, snappy and just always on it. I think there's been a bit of that vocal influence on my album as well.