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Music Waits For You: LoneLady's Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , June 30th, 2021 09:15

From singing along with Neneh Cherry on her way to school to a lockdown obsession with Durutti Column, Julie Campbell, aka LoneLady, takes Elizabeth Aubrey through the thirteen definitive records of her life


Neneh Cherry – Raw Like Sushi

I think like a lot of people, I heard ‘Manchild’ in my early teens and then just got the record on cassette on the back of that. I loved it at the time. I’d not actually listened to it for a few years, but it was a funny thing, after I finished writing and recording [recent single] ‘(There Is) No Logic’, listening back I felt it channeled this album quite strongly. It was only after I’d written it that I went back to that album and was just blown away really by how fresh it still sounds – and I do think that is what makes a classic album, an iconic album, is one that stands the test of time. The programming on it is still just so inventive, as are all the beats and the use of samples.

When listening back to this album, I always feel like I’m looking at a snapshot of 70s New York. It just brings to life this community and it’s a really rowdy, cool, funny, warm album full of her stories about being a teenager, documenting all her formative experiences. I was just at the start of my teens when I first heard the album, so I could relate to it along with my friends who were a similar age. We thought ‘Buffalo Stance’ was really cool and we’d all just be singing along to it on our way to school! It’s still a great record.