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Feed Us Weird Things: Artists On Their Favourite Squarepusher Music
Patrick Clarke , June 17th, 2021 10:10

To mark the new reissue of Squarepusher's debut album 'Feed Me Weird Things', the likes of Loraine James, John Frusciante and Danalogue pick their favourite albums and tracks by the game-changing producer


Eomac on 'Circlewave' from Ultravisitor (2004)

I first heard Squarepusher in 1997 when Warp released 'Come on My Selector'. I heard it shortly after I heard Aphex Twin's 'Come to Daddy'. Initially I thought it was an Aphex copy! I didn't get it. But I quickly realised Squarepusher had his own thing going on and I fell in love with his music. Since then he's been a huge figure for me, a huge inspiration. The level of artistry and humanity he has reached in his music is something I still aspire to. His music has meant a lot to me in my life, it has helped me through challenging times and enriched joyful ones. I used to live around the corner from him and shared a flat with his mate Chris who passed away a few years ago and the last LP was dedicated to.

'Circlewave' has a beautiful depth of emotion, melody and harmony. And the fact that this beauty is layered on top of complex, shifting drum patterns and time signatures encapsulates two of the things I love about Squarepusher's music. This track takes me to a deeply emotional place from the moment the organ appears. It has brought me to tears, particularly when the arpeggiated guitar lines start to appear just before the five minute mark. It is beautiful. Without hyperbole, without being flippant, it brings me to that place that great art does where I feel the potential of human expression as a way to transcend and connect and for its six minutes and 30 seconds duration it makes me feel like everything is ok and everything is going to be ok. More than that it helps me tap into that place where I feel alive and that my time on this plane of existence is meaningful and that I am very grateful to be here to experience it. I think that's what great art does and there's no doubt Tom Jenkinson is a great artist. So thank you Tom.

Photo by Laura Kitty