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Where I'm Coming From: Visionist's 13 Favourite Albums
Kashif Sharma-Patel , June 16th, 2021 08:08

From a love for choral music inspired by his grandmother, to discovering Steve Reich at school, setting up a label just to release SD Laika and seeing Cocteau Twins on Top Of The Pops 2, Visionist picks the thirteen albums that made him the artist he is today


SD Laika – That’s Harakiri

I set up my label Lost Codes to release SD Laika. I had been running a label with a few friends called 92 Points and I came across SD Laika’s music via Soundcloud as you did back in the day. I thought his music was wild, but the rest of my friends at the label didn’t fully understand it. And I never understood why, though I am sure they do now. I spoke with SD and it seemed that was the general view – people didn’t know what to do with his music. I decided to set up a label and get his music out into the world. It was that simple. I thought it was important as I knew what it is like for people not to understand what you are doing. As I had some connections at the time I could support his music. I had all the material that ended up being this album, but once people heard the EP bigger opportunities came. I certainly wanted that to happen for artists I was signing, and it happened for a lot of them. It was really satisfying for me. I know there is a narrative that bigger labels are the enemy, which I have experienced for myself. But at the end of the day, you want artists you believe in to achieve as much as possible.

It is a shame we haven’t seen too much music after that record. Years later Aphex Twin comes back saying his favourite artist is SD Laika. I am really glad I started that journey. It also stood out that quite a few of the releases I put out were included in that initial Aphex comeback set, like Kamixlo and Acre. I feel like through my A&R I really added to the scene. In a way I am a curator as well. It was natural, I just believed in my taste, and it seemed to resonate with everyone. It is unfortunate that the journey as an A&R had to stop really.