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Baker's Dozen

Where I'm Coming From: Visionist's 13 Favourite Albums
Kashif Sharma-Patel , June 16th, 2021 08:08

From a love for choral music inspired by his grandmother, to discovering Steve Reich at school, setting up a label just to release SD Laika and seeing Cocteau Twins on Top Of The Pops 2, Visionist picks the thirteen albums that made him the artist he is today


DJ Rashad – Teklife Vol.1: Welcome To The Chi

It’s crazy to think it has been seven years since he passed. It doesn’t feel that long ago. I was exposed to Rashad through Addison Groove paying homage. I was very much into Addison Groove, and he let you know about the heritage of the music that influenced him. I was taken away with it. The first time I went to New York in 2012 I played on the same line-up as Rashad at J-Cush’s Lit Cty Rave. He was incredible; the rawness, the rhythms, the sampling. Teklife Vol. 1 was the first album I was introduced to, and then to play with him, see him work, see him DJ… genius. And very much a good person to be around who would make you feel comfortable. Kode9 joined us out there in 2012 as well to play parties together. It was a really good time.