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UK Research Into Mass Events Returns Early Positive Results
Christian Eede , May 19th, 2021 15:43

Preliminary data from the Events Research Programme suggests events without masks and social distancing are 'as safe as shopping'

Preliminary data from the UK government's Events Research Programme suggests that attending large events, such as raves, is as safe as a number of other daily activities, such as shopping or having a meal in a restaurant.

The Times reports that screening, ventilation and other measures significantly reduce the risk of a big outbreak at large events like concerts, raves and football matches, according to scientists' early data.

"We are still waiting for the final bits of data but the results so far have been very encouraging," a government source is quoted as saying to The Times. "It will help make the case that these large events are not inherently more risky than other parts of the hospitality sector. It shows that there are things that you can do to make these settings as safe as other daily activities."

Data from the Events Research Programme, which involved a number of events of different kinds and sizes taking place across Liverpool last month, is expected to help inform the UK government on further steps that might need to be taken as the UK continues to emerge out of the latest COVID-19 lockdown. According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, England is still on course to relax all social distancing measures from June 21, though some doubt has set in with the emergence of the new B.1.617 strain, dubbed the Indian variant.

A decision on any further steps that might be taken by the government, such as on the introduction and use of vaccination status certificates, is expected before June 21.